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Church History Week 9

Well, my connection issues have been rectified! Here’s Week 9! Includes a short discussion on Zwingli, a short overview of Calvin, and his importance in systematizing theological study, presuppositional apologetics, and the doctrine of Sola Scriptura. (The last two were unscripted diversions, but it went with the topic nicely!)

Week 9 – The Swiss Reformationnotesaudio

Next Week:

Week 10 – The English Reformationnotes

Church History – Week 7-8

I did it again. I forgot to post last week’s audio/notes. I DID upload it immediately. I just didn’t post to link where it was.

Week 7 – Jan Hus – notesaudio
Week 8 – Martin Luther – notesaudio
Week 9 – The Swiss Reformation – notes for next week

Church History – Week 3-5

I’m really sorry about the delay, folks.

Week 3 – AudioDoc file

Week 4 – AudioDoc file

Week 5 – AudioDoc file

Notes for next week!


Due to computer issues, I won’t have the church history audio and notes up today. It will be soon, though 😀


Church History – Week 2

Well, we went through Irenaeus, Tertullian, the Epistle to Diogenes, Cerinthus, Marcion, the Shepherd of Hermas, and Valentinus today. We also had some discussion about canon, apologetics, gnosticism, and church fathers. I hope it was useful. Audio can be found here, and the notes are here.

Oh, I almost forgot. If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer.

Church History – Week One

Well, week one is complete. I have the audio complete, and the notes can be found here. Enjoy 😀

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