Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to pitch some ideas.

Idea #1: “Apologetics Aggregator”
I recently started an aggregator catered specifically towards blogs centering on Apologetics. Mine is the only one currently listed – but please – if you feel like this is something you’re interested in, or something you concentrate on – shoot me an email – rk AT razorskiss DOT net (spam separated). Please list your blog’s title, and it’s RSS url. If you have category-level RSS feeds- please only give me the RSS for the category in which you discuss apologetics. I hope to see you soon.

Idea #2: “Apologetics Symphony”
There is a Best of Me symphony, a “Carnival of the Vanities”, and a “Christian Carnival”. However, I’d like something that could be used as a catalyst to encourage more apologetics-centered work in the blogosphere. I’ve also been talking with Pastor Phil Steiger, of Every Thought Captive, about some collaboration… and other things 😀 What do you think?

Idea #3: “Shade Tree Apologists”
I started a informal group, not too long ago, to counter a tendency I was seeing, on an online gaming forum I debate on, relatively often. The tendency was the same one that we see in our mainstream culture:
1. To marginalize Christianity, or to attempt to debase it.
2. To use out of context Scripture references to somehow “debunk” scriptural arguments used against social and moral issues.
3. To completely misunderstand both the goal, and the motive behind any sort of apologetic defense of Scriptural mandates.

So, out of the members on that forum, and a blogging friend of mine, from my old blogging community, I began a rough, informal “alliance”, which I called the “Shade Tree Apologists.” (You can look at what I’ve done thus far in the preceding link – or, by going to the main page of my site, and scrolling down just a bit on the left. You can find archives of my prior debates, reference tools and sites, and various articles.) In essence, it’s an “alliance”, a reference library, and a way to “encourage one another”, as we are called to do. I’d like to invite anyone, after prayerful consideration to help me build on it, and expand it into the blogosphere.

I’ve been inspired to do the above, to a considerable extent, by Joe Carter, and his Evangelical Outpost, as well as Adrian Warnock, and his work over at his blog.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve felt a strong burden for this for quite some time, and this is the chief reason I built this blog. So, comments, advice, and assistance would be greatly appreciated!