No “Daily Cut” today, incidentally. I had fun, though. So, well… I think everyone will live.

I was wrong, no netzarim/nazarene heresy. Different types? Yes. He isn’t Messiah-ONLY, as far as I can tell. He’s a converted, “Messianic Jew” (read, “American, who has adopted Judaistic tendencies) with a particularly Jewish “take” on things – which, incidentally, is very, very interesting. If wrong, in most things.

I had to leave halfway through (we were at 3 hours, and it was 10 pm already – it was _half_ done.), so I didn’t catch the final part.

He did say some things I don’t agree with, and he made some connections I wouldn’t – but, I learned a LOT about Hebrew scholarship. More later. I had a good time, though, definitely.

So, the moral of the story is: Being a Berean is fun.

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I’m going to check out a tour coming through town tonight, hosted by a Michael Rood, of the “Rood Awakening” show on Sky Angel.

It almost seems like he’s promoting the Messianic-only view of the Nazarite heresy. (I’ll explain later).

I’ll update this later.