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Huntington Apologetics – a new Apologetics-focused blog, in a “group” setting. It is also a “ministry” blog!

The Huntington Apologetics Team (The HAT) is a ministry of Living Hope Bible Church in Huntington, WV. We strive to give rational and orthodox answers to questions that plague Christians and non-Christians alike. Though we are all members of Living Hope Bible Church and subscribe to its general doctrinal statement, not all of what we say will represent the opinions of the members and/or elder board of LHBC.

From their “about” section.

Welcome to the aggregator, and glad to have you!

(Incidentally, they are covering a subject dear to my heart today – Science Fiction authors. How? Go Go read what they have to say about Carl Sagan.)


Wittenberg Gate encourages us not to lay down our weapons. Excellent point, and some good examples about how we do that every day. It’s an especially pertinent point for us, as apologists – because we live and die by the sword – The Sword of the Spirit.

She also, among other things in her This and That post for today, directs us to some articles from The American Thinker – which you’ll notice is also on my blogrolls to the right. I won’t tell you exactly which ones she’s referring to… you have to visit Dory at the link above!

Weapons of Warfare has what Andrew refers to as a “lighthearted dialogue” about “The God-Rock problem“. It’s a fun read. So.. read.

Andrew also has a list of Informal Fallacies. Another fun hobby of mine, so I enjoyed it. So… go enjoy it too, or something. kthx.

Funky Dung has a question: “I wonder, though, how we are to know when a debate is not worth continuing and how we are end it without feeling guilty for abandoning someone, particularly a brother/sister in Christ, to his/her grievous errors. Thoughts?”

So… have any?

In another post, he’s found that someone is saying “There will be no Roman Catholic in the Kingdom of God.” Among other things. Like, oh this nugget?

Let me make my position clear: A Christian Roman Catholic, to me, is as opposite as a Nazi Jew.

That, however, is… yeah. You get the picture. I might have to have a little chat with “Rand” later. Do I agree with Roman Catholic theology on everything? Nope. Is it permissible, proper, or even Biblical, to say things like the above? No. (There’s my editorial for the evening. That made me mad.)

If the above blogger had the Lamb’s Book of Life spread out in front of him – I’d believe him. Sadly – he does not. Read Funky’s reply, at Ales Rarus.

blogma is moving soon. Tim Challies is designing his site. I’m going to be in prayer about envy for the next week. HE IS CAUSING ME TO STUMBLE! (hehe. Ok, no he’s not. But man… lucky stiff.)

Every Thought Captive is blogging about Lions and Tigers and Bears. No, there is no yellow brick road. I know, your hopes and dreams are crushed. I’m to blame for the endangerment of your fragile psyche. Yes, I feel guilty… Ok, ok. Just go read it. Sheesh. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)

Aw, shucks. Twernt nothin’.

Allthings2all asks: Are you really talking to someone? Good question. So… go read it, and see.

Minor Prophet has a prayer request.

Crap. He just mentioned Hal Lindsey. Well… since he brought it up.. do what the man says. Make up your mind.

More importantly… Where have all the children gone?

NOMINATE ME! Err… umm. Nominate your favorite Evangelical blogger, for each of the categories he gives you. He has a lot of cool nominated people. And stuff. So… are you gonna visit, or what?

Blog of the Week:

Ales Rarus, as blogged by Funky Dung.

He’s 27 years old, and married. (Edit: Sorry FD.) He’s a PhD student in AI. So, yeah.

He was actually raised Lutheran, and is now a Catholic. The name of his blog is a play on words: Ales, for “bird of omen”, in Latin, and Rarus, for “odd”. Avis Rarus, he says, means something like “odd fellow” – so, it’s one of those complicated things that Joe might understand (he whose blogroll is categorized in Latin…).

Anyway, I think his blog is a great read – and, it’s interesting to get a better picture into the Roman Catholic side of Christianity. So there, Rand.

By the by – read his “why I blog” section, on your lefthand side. It’s interesting.