Is what he tells you, when you walk in the door. I have one of his cd’s I have yet to peruse, too.

Well. Let me tell you about Michael Rood.

Be fore you do anything else: Read this. When you come back, read the rest of this post.

For one, he’s a former (maybe.) member of a cult called “The Way.” That’s one.

Two, he’s a dyed in the wool “prophetic” – ie: he’s tried, and failed, to predict the future. Among other things.

Three, he’s lied, frequently, about his past, and connections to all sorts of cultic activities – Kabbalism, for one, and his supposed ordination, second.

Basically, kids – read this set of exposes, concerning Rood. (Which, incidentally, earned them a bookmark from me. They have a TON of stuff! I have to check them out further, but oh boy. Tons.)

So, yeah. He’s kinda… whacked out?

Serves me right for not researching him _before_ I went. But, really… that was why I went, regardless. Because our local radio station manager interviewed him. See, I had heard the spots advertising his tour – but in the interview our local manager had with him – he evaded almost every question asked – and he had some… interesting claims. Like, oh, Wyatt’s Sinai “dicoveries”, that Matthew was originally written in Hebrew, and things like that. Plus, he never answered any of the questions he was asked. So, being the shade tree apologist I am… I decided to go. However… HOWEVER.

He DID have some interesting things to say. Especially from Nehemia Gordon. Now – take THIS with a grain of salt, also – perhaps the ONLY thing I found interesting, or informative, was Gordon’s info on the Gospel-era practices of the Pharisees, and the “5 laws of Pharisees”. But, sadly… the rest was a rant about how modern Christianity was all pagan, how everything linked back to the sun god worship of Babylon, how “westernized” Christianity was…

You get the idea. I never heard ONCE that Jesus was Lord. Savior? Yes. God? No. Messiah? Yes. Part of the Trinity? No. So… I wasn’t impressed. The scholarship of Mr. Gordon was pretty nice, though. However – he isn’t even a Christian. He’s from a sect of Judaism which rejects Oral Law (which, incidentally, I applaud), and was raised as an Orthodox, Pharasaic tradition Jew in Chicago. He now lives in Israel.

Mr. Gordon, sadly, was the more well-versed in Scriptures, and made a better case for the accuracy of Scripture than Mr. Rood. So, in closing?

Don’t go to anything Michael Rood teaches, without knowing, in advance, that he is a borderline (if not complete) cultist – but who happens to have a real live Old Testament, Dead Sea Scrolls project reader, Hebrew scholar traveling with him.

For our radio station manager: Please, don’t endorse him again. He’s only _very_ marginally Biblically based – and not all doctrinally sound. I just emailed this link to you – and if you want any more info – please let me know. For my blog readers: I’ll add more if necessary, should you ask. I have NO idea why Sky Angel carries him, though.