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Vox Apologia II was a BLAST. Thanks everyone, for your entries, and thank you, everyone who read it. I hope it was edifying, encouraging, and exhortational. (Yay for alliteration!)


Sign up on the Mark D. Roberts blogging pastors list.


Thinking Christian. Read this blog. It rocks.


To the Aggregator:

The Minor Prophet

Ryan Wentzel

Wittenberg Gate

Adrian Warnock

21st Century Reformation

Apologetics roundup:

Eric from Evangelical Underground discusses Finding A Niche Within A Niche – he gives us his take on “dos and don’ts” of Evangelical blogging. It’s a good read. I picked up a good perspective on what I’m doing, and not doing from it.

Every Thought Captive reviews Love God With All YourMind, by J.P. Moreland. Also, he is addressing the New Atlantis Stem Cell Symposium, here, and here.

Dory, from Wittenberg Gate issues a challenge, in her This and That post: “Go visit a non-Christian blog today and sprinkle some salt in their comments section.” So… what are you waiting for?

She also examines the issue of Broken Leaders and Second Chances” in a post today.

AllThings2All has a really cool feature called “SideBlog” – she’s using it for announcements, and such. Cool ‘lil tool. I’ll use it myself – once I find some time 😀

EXCELLENT discourse concerning the “challenge” issued by Andrew, of Weapons of Warfare, in the comments of that entry. Funky Dung did, indeed, meet the challenge, as I had suggested, and superbly. Kudos to both of you for such a wonderfully rich discussion of the topics at hand. THAT was what I was envisioning between us, when I was thinking about putting the Aggregator together. Thank you very much for brightening my evening.

The Minor Prophet discusses whether we should give to “beggars” on the side of the road. Interesting entry.



Parableman reviews the Philosopher’s Carnival

Top ten reasons to read Christian History. (HT: Smart Christian

21st Century Reformation discusses a Radical Change in our Christian Practice

Letters From Babylon muses on Massachusetts.

A Slice of the Neighborhood:

I’d like to mention “Blogcorner Preacher“. He consistently has thoughtful, scriptural pieces up – and they’re pretty deep stuff.

His name is John Luke Rich, a self-described “struggling” Christian. He calls his blog a way of “evangelizing on the internet”. Well, if anyone stops by, they are sure to stop and read – and think some deep thoughts. I encourage you to check out his blog.