Jesus General is a humour site with serious intentions. One of these is to reign in the insane cabal who have hijacked your Government and who are currently waging an illegal war on a sovereign country with the sole purpose of stealing the wealth of that country.
The second is to expose religious nutters who seek to justify your ill-advised governments actions as somehow sanctioned by God, but who in reality would be burning people for heresy given half a chance.

Yes, I confess. My ultimate goal is to have you on the rack, plucking at your eyes, until you do my bidding. Then I’ll burn you at the stake… (/sarcasm)

I mean, really. Is the self-deception really this deep? Please tell me, since I have a very understated emphasis on politics on this site (mostly because I am sick and tired of dueling with lefty delusionals who have no clue what logic means), and have since it started…

So, tell me- what do you think about SUDAN? Hrmm?

What about Christian bashing (and please.. I read the comments, and the entries over there. Don’t even bother telling me it’s anything else.) is “serious”? Don’t give me that bullcrap about “it’s just pointing you to the light, not an attack on Christianity as a whole”. That’s all it is. Bull.


I must have hit a nerve with “Jesus'” General. Two posts in as many days.

Welcome, troll minions – have a debate!

Plenty of subjects to comment on, and debate about, over in the archives on your right, or in the subject listings on your top left.

Enjoy your stay – and watching my traffic meter jump.


Vox Apologia:

The Vox Apologia III will be held at Revenge of Mr. Dumpling.

Subject: Euthanasia

Submissions must be recieved by midnight tonight. See here for more details.

Carnival of the Godless:

Is up – right now. Now, you apologists out there: You, my dear friends, are your own worst enemies, if you don’t read what they are saying. Additionally, you are failing to respond to my challenge, if you don’t find someone to engage with from among these folks, or the blogrolls of these folks.

So, go, and see. Find someone to talk to – and do it today.

After Action Reports:

I’m French, and going to Hell:

Patriot Boy, at the so-called “Jesus’ General”, takes me to task (satirically) for being French. That, and not equating his obvious satire with the Word of God.

I’m really hurt.

Ok, I’m lying. But, if you ever want to see what the secular community _really_ thinks of you: read that blog. It might be informative. Hope you have a strong stomach though.

His little troll minions, incidentally, invaded Eric’s Evangelical Underground.

He has a point though, when it comes to tradition becoming more important than doctrines – doesn’t he Rand? Protestants shouldn’t have anything to do with those “Nazi Jew” Catholics, as you so descriptively compared them…

But anyway. The comments section is a gold mine of distortion and twisting of the Christian faith, incidentally. If you can stomach it. It’s some interesting stuff to look at, if you’re interested in seeing how people who _hate_ Christianity think of us. It also gives you lots of links to other sites that are anti-Christianity.

What was I saying about “going out to defend”?

Here’s your chance. Get crackin.