I’m going to steal shamelessly from the name of the late 80’s “missile defense program”, in my initial offering of an idea.

Now that we’re moderately organized, apologists – we need to start targeting, and spreading out to practice apologetics.

I have a couple theories on how to do so.

1. We need to start “teaming up”.

2. We need to start identifying the people we plan on reaching out to.

3. We need to start identifying the people we need to defend the Gospel from, and to.

So, there’s a few ideas, thrown into the wind. Now, let’s flesh them out.

Teaming up:

I’d like to mention a verse I made in an earlier post: “And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three {strands} is not quickly torn apart.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

This concept is especially important to those of us who actively defend the faith – sometimes in hostile settings. I can point to a host of times, in my own experience, where just one single, solitary friendly word worked worlds of encouragement. Even more welcome is a brother or sister, who can stand back to back with you, and assist you – and you him/her. It is invaluable, when debating, defending, or explaining the Word – and even more so in a hostile setting – which is where those of us who are active, offensively (in a tactical sense) minded apologists are likely to be.

I encourage you to find someone, or someones, of a like mind, and a like spirit, to “team up” with, when you do “on the spot” apologetics. On a forum I often debate on, I created a group called “Shade Tree Apologists”, in order to assist the Christians who debate on this forum. It’s proven unbelievably encouraging and effective – because, like that strand of three cords, it is not easily broken. It allows you to have backup, to have a slightly different perspective, an encourager, and a comradeship.

Don’t forget the great bit of wisdom above.


I have a challenge for you. Find at least 3 “secular”, 3 agnostic, or 3 atheistic journals/blogs this week. Pick whichever suits your style of apologetics. Now, start commenting. Get to know them. Interact – make their day. Preferably, find a low traffic blog (especially you higher-ranked bloggers), and make their day even further by giving them a nod in your sidebar.

Several “encouragement” opportunities, and a way to “let your light shine before all men”. See how that works. I’m going to try an experiment, to see how the idea of “salting the blogosphere” works, in practice. Who’s with me? I’ll round up your results in my “Daily Cut” posts, as you do so. That’s the other reason I wanted the aggregator…


Also, I encourage you to find at least one blog with a worldview antithetical to the Christian worldview. Disagree, trackback, and dialogue. At least one “defense” per week should be our goal, in my humble opinion. Don’t you think? Now, not all of us are _active_ apologists. If your gifts correspond to this type of thing – go for it. If they _DO NOT_, ignore this. My opinion, at least. Another option: disagree, trackback, and continue the dialogue blog to blog, instead of in their comments section. I dunno. See what works. It’s an experiment 😀

So… who wants to try this?