Welcome to Vox Apologia II. I know this week’s submissions were a bit light compared to last week. I apologize for that, as I feel I goofed a bit, by posting the dates/times so poorly.

From here on out, we’ll have hosts, dates, and times delineated, and planned further ahead – and the next week’s host, email, and subject defined within the Vox Apologia entry.

That being said… Welcome: To the Digital Saltshaker.

Today’s host is yours truly – Joshua Whipps, aka “RazorsKiss”. Our guest artist is my brother, Paul, aka “BrainCatalyst”. I hope you stop by his site, when you’re through. I enjoy his work – in fact – it’s all over my site. Including the banner, you see above. (Mouseover the images, as you browse down the presentation – I tried to arrange the posts by the general “tone”.)

Today’s subject is “Digital Salt”. I left the definition and description purposely vague, to see what people came up with. Several people took a similar approach, several people took “the road less traveled”. Both types of entries complement each other well.

Note: If you have a late submission, due to my general “uh, I’m supposed to be organized?” moments… just
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Host’s Commentary
AllThings2All shares a story called “Is It Tomorrow Yet?” She writes: “If there was any impression I gained this time out it was that people are wasting time… Always passing the time and waiting for tomorrow.” This story is powerful. It’s a wonderful example – from people ACTUALLY leaving the saltshaker, in the un-digital world. If this doesn’t convict you – you need a spiritual checkup.
Weapons of Warfare brings us
Spreading the Salt
. He writes:
“What does it mean to be salt on this earth? More specifically, what does it mean to be salt in this new and growing medium, the blogosphere?”
There are some excellent points made here. My favorite is concerning an “over-concentration” of salt, in one place. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that fell right in with what we’ve been talking about, with the “Ghetto”.
From firstPete315, we get Mmm Mmm good…or not. He takes a brief look at the responsibility we bear as Christian
bloggers and the outcomes of “blogging” in a way that is consistent with the
inspired counsel of Paul.
You know – this is a wonderful “manual” for the Christian who is sharing the Word, or the Gospel, with someone else – and encounters opposition. It’s short – but chock full of good advice.
Dory, from Wittenberg Gate reminds us of the difference between effective apologetics, and winning an argument, in her entry entitled Know How To Answer Each One. She bases it on Colossians 4:5-6, and explores what our apologetic goals are, so that we can wisely choose the best approach to meet them. She’s right. There are two types of people: scoffers, and hearers. Whether we encounter scoffers, or hearers – our audience is always the hearers of the Word. So, our speech, as she reminds us, should always be “as though seasoned with salt.”
My own post is titled “Salting the Digital World“. I write: “We shouldn’t be venus flytraps, waiting for someone to stop by, and step into our parlor. We need to go knock on other people’s doors – and go visit.” Basically, it’s like this. We have these nice, comfortable blogs. We stay here – and, in the nice, comfortable blogs of other people we know. It’s nice to be comfortable. However – it’s nicer to be in an active dialogue with those who need to hear what we have to say – and, hear it in THEIR parlor – not just ours.
Every Thought Captive asks us a question: Where To From Here? He writes:
We are on only the ground floor of what the blogosphere can do for the Church. Let us be wise, winsome, and creative in how we proceed!
Phil makes some great points, which serve to give an example of how to “encourage the saints” – not to mention detailing how to both engage in, and sustain a conversation in this medium.
Hill Country Views gives us Digital Salt. He writes: “We don’t hoard the digital salt for ourselves, but pass it freely around the internet.” Anselm explores a sort of “lifestyle evangelism” – from a blogging perspective. How does your light shine, before all men? Are you actually _being_ salt?
The Greatest Pursuits reminds us, most appropriately, of another use for salt: creating traction. His entry is
Melting the Ice
. He writes:
“As the “salt of the earth,” I believe Christians are given the ability to melt away the snow and ice coming between those who are lost or in bondage and the truth which can free them”
Very, very astute observation he makes. You really need to check this one out. In this wintry weather, you may appreciate it even more.
The Revenge of Mr. Dumpling gives us some pointers on how to BE Digital Salt, and WHY we should be Digital Salt, in his post “Digital Salt“. He writes:
“I believe that the Internet is the mission field of the 21st century. The instantaneous nature of Internet communication and its global reach mean that anyone, and I mean anyone, can share their thoughts with any person, in any part of the world with extremely basic resources.”
Man, I like this guy. He’s speaking to us, about just what we’ve been talking about, via the discussions about the “Ghetto”, and what our role, as Christians, should be in this digital world. Go check it out. You won’t be sorry.
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