Update 3:
I fixed the “cutoff” problem. It was the “minimum width”, in the CSS, as well as some messed up margin values. HT: Eric, from Evangelical Underground 😀

Now… to find the trackback problem. (And no, it’s not Spam Karma – it was happening before I installed it, and that portion of the plugin isn’t enabled)

Hrmm. Pingbacks work, though. Yay.

Update 2:
AllThings2All has an AWESOME post up – the title is “Not many Noble“. Hint: It’s a quote from a Narnia book. (Which I love – along with C.S. Lewis.)

Go read it. Now. Kthxbye.

Update 1:
A good essay concerning the Russian anti-semitism issue.

Eric of Evangelical Underground is examining the darker side of “blogfathering”, in his continuation to yesterday’s post on “Finding a Niche Within a Niche.” He’s also created a snazzy new layout.

Alex got “Spywared.” I despise spyware.

Adrian is tracking the ecosystem jumps – and, he was apparently separated at birth from Jollyblogger. Small world…

Dory, at Wittenberg Gate, has another This and That post up. She discusses her homeschooling, among other things- a subject dear to my heart, as I’m a homeschooled-type personage.

The original “topic starter” of the excellent debate at Weapons and Warfare weighs in. He’s doing a series on Catholicism, on his blog. Not entirely to the advantage of Catholicism, it seems.

Minor Prophet points our attention to rising Russian Anti-Semitism.


Illinois passes an anti-discrimination law, which could force churches to hire homosexuals, or risk lawsuits. (HT: EO)

The blogosphere:

Jollyblogger explores Denominational aggregators/blogrolls.

Challies digs into Spiritual Gift Assessments & The Bible. Good post – and interesting topic.

More to come. I’ll post updates on top.