Joe Carter, from Evangelical Outpost has begun another project: Jesus, The Logician, designed to engage the Evangelical blogosphere, and to demonstrate the positive aspects of blog cooperation – which has mostly only been seen in destructive ways thus far. I encourage EVbloggers to check it out, and contribute.

Hat tips
Sounding the Trumpet, for their hat tip concerning my “logic” links in EO’s comments.

Every Thought Captive has the third installment in “Are Apologetics Necessary” up on his blog.
Be sure to check this out: I sorta buried it by being a post hog yesterday. Basically, I’m looking into 3 things:

1. An “Apologetics Symphony”
2. An “Apologetics Aggregator”
3. An “Apologetics Alliance”

This needs to be more formally represented in the blogosphere, as an answer to the secular humanists, Bible-bashers, and atheist consortiums out there. We need to defend the Word, and our Lord.

1. I ran into some problems with atom feeds – so, I’m using my blogroll to host the infant aggregator, currently. Still – email me at: rk AT razorskiss DOT net , if you’d like to be added. I’ll add a section with more information, as interest increases (as I hope it will).

2. Pastor Phil has agreed to host the first (tentatively named) Apologetics symphony. Stand by for further news!

3. (Joe, I hope you know, you’re responsible for this…)
On the Other Side is today’s “Slice of Infinity”, from RZIM.

When we forget how far we have come—or rather, how far we have been brought—we become arrogant, callous healers. The temptation arises to practice a sledgehammer apologetic that obliterates your ideological enemies rather than wins them over. We must not give in to this temptation; we must speak the truth in love. Love for other sinners flows out of the awareness that on your own you are no better off than they are.

Excellent article. Go check it out.

Don’t forget the Philadelphia Four!

They were there with plain old homophobia, hiding behind the Bible, hiding behind the First Amendment,” said Fanny Price, executive director of Philly Pride Presents. “I really think a couple of them are a danger to society… . They’re trying to make themselves look like martyrs.”

Hey, Totem to Temple, THIS is who you should be worrying aboutnot Focus on the Family.

“It’s not a law against riding in a Cadillac if you don’t want to ride in a Volkswagen,” said Abraham Kennard in his opening remarks as he began defending himself against 132 criminal counts brought against him by the United States government.

The 46-year-old charismatic preacher is charged with swindling more than 1,600 churches out of more than $8.7 million. The criminal charges include mail fraud, income tax evasion and money laundering.

Blog, by Hugh Hewitt. An excellent book detailing the history, importance, and future role the blogosphere will play. I highly recommend it.
(Just finished.)

Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War on Christianity, by David Limbaugh.
Very, very well done thus far.