Well, I actually have the next post in my The Great Evangelical Disaster series written – but instead of typing it out, I have been doing some thinking on various directions I want to take on this blog.

1) I want, very much so, to get active, offensively minded apologetics into the forefront here.

2) I want to be answering objections, questions, and skeptics, instead of only defending the faith for Christians.

3) I want to invite more discussion and dialogue both here, and blog-to-blog, about moral issues without the political bleed-over that seems to be the primary focus of the blogosphere.

4) I want to fix whatever has been going on with the Vox Apologia lately.

5) I want to be accountable to some theologically sound bloggers – I shouldn’t be “out there on my own”.

So, to address these points:

A) I’m going to be working on collecting objections, Atheist/agnostic sites, and the like, and doing short pieces on them. I’m also going to be doing more pieces geared toward “offensive” apologetics strategy, as well as engaging in a few, so you can pick them apart at your leisure. I have several up on my main site, already, if you care to look for them. They’re on the left, in the block titled “Debates/Apologetics”. Which reminds me.. I have to update it. Quite a bit.

B) I’m going to start a new feature called “The Skeptic’s Corner”, which will feature posts, questions, and objections from readers, or other bloggers who are skeptical of, or hostile to Christianity.

C) I’m going to go looking for blog posts which match common objections to Christianity – and invite discussion on the topic. I may even do a more targeted sort of Vox Apologia specifically directed toward that. Vox Strateia? 😀

D) VA, as I’ve been seeing, is getting a lot of “general” topics lately – and not a whole lot of “targeted” topics. I’m not sure why that is – but maybe it’s just the specific subjects, and my own tastes telling me this. (Sorry Dory, Phil.) I don’t know. I DO know we’ve had 4 total posts entered, in the last two weeks of topics. Yeah, there was a bit of confusion, and late announcements – but still… that’s pretty low. Maybe it’s just because “defensive” topics never interest me as much as “offensive” ones. Heck if I know.

The next three week’s topics are more interesting (to me). “Evolution versus Creation” (always a hot topic), “The least of these” (Children and God, I assume), and my own topic – “Humanism’s Dangerous Claim” – my personal “hot target” of the past year or so.

I’ll send out the announcements early this week. Like, oh… today. I’ll send it to the decablog members this week, too.

E) So, if one of you residents of the theology aggregator want to volunteer – let me know.

In addition to all of the above…

I’ve been thinking. I’ll have a longer post tomorrow, concerning my new webhosting package… (bwahahahaha….. 15 full domains, 75 subdomains 7680 MB Disk, 192 GB Transfer 3000 Mailboxes… Dreamhost rules… (It’s “Code Monster.” I used them in my first big website project for a gaming group, and have liked them ever since… anyway. I’m still a web designer at heart.)

But, here’s the deal.

On one hand, I’ve been thinking about turning the current blog here into a group apologetics blog, and inviting a few people to contribute, and kickstart this sucka.

On the other hand… I like the “flavor” I have here – so I may do this AND a group blog.

On the Gripping Hand (name the reference!) … I’m really a bit undecided about WHAT I want. So, comments, questions, etc?