Vox Apologia IV will be hosted at firstpete315. Head over there for submission information. The subject, is “What happens to those who have never heard the Gospel?”

The Evangelical Blog Awards have been narrowed down to 5 finalists, in each category.

For our particular category:

Best Evangelical Blog-Apologetics
Joe Missionary
Real Clear Theology
Razor’s Kiss
Bible Archive
Weapons of Warfare

The last three blogs are members of the Apologetics Aggregator.


21st Century Reformation is discussing The Global Village and Materialism.

Weapons of Warfare takes on The Raving Atheist’s “Basic Assumptions” in his “Debunking Atheism“.

Ryan Wetzel concludes his Circling God series.

The Minor Prophet tackles Satan and Demon Possession. Go comment, and stuff. Interesting topic.

They also cover “The Truth About the Crusades” – which, as we know is an atheistic/agnostic favorite “soft spot”. So, go check it out, and see what you think.

Imago Dei discusses The Myth of Moral Neutrality.


Kabbalist leader says: The Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves: By rejecting Kabbalism?
(HT: The Raving Atheist)

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Found on American Digest – “You are only one little link, lost in the immensity of God’s blogroll” – image can be found here. I like it.