Vox Apologia IV is up at firstpete315. Go read it… or a giant monkey will carry you away.


AllThings2All has a great post about Scientology. (Plus Scene and Herd goodness!)

The Huntington Apologetics Team has a good post about Judgement vs Judging.

Every Thought Captive covers World Religions, quotes me on Joel Osteen (vannnnity!), touches on Worship and Church Pressures, and has his own little link carnival – which includes a link to one of his older posts.

Wittenberg Gate goes Beyond the Gate.

The Minor Prophet has… a lot of posts. Just go visit, k?

Read the rest of the posts on Evangelical Underground’s front page. Because.. I told you to.

Oh, just in case you missed… EU is my Blog of the Week. Why? Because I said so – and because he’s cool. Can’t you just be cool to get an award? What’s wrong with that? I think “cool” is disenfranchised these days. I’ve givin’ a little back – y’know?

At Ales Rarus, I have to agree… there’s just “some people“. Oh, and Mother Mary is still a hot topic over there. (I hear it’s quite contrary.)

21st Century Reformation has a passion for content.

I look to pastor bloggers and philosopher bloggers and devotional bloggers and apologetics bloggers to begin using blogging to learn and discuss church reformation and become engaged in the discussion.

Eh. I’m not really all that into church reformation, myself. I tend to defend my faith from other faiths as a rule. But, hey… everyone’s gifts are different. Mine don’t tend toward the pastoral, I’m afraid. But… he’s a pastor 😀 Go check it out. You have gifts – and yours may be what God needs to use.

From the Adrian Warnock department: Of course there are apostles today, and The simple gospel in 10 points.

Oh… and AllThings2All gets a Warnie. Acceptance speech?

Weapons of Warfare covers Various Antitheses.

off shore fisherman… A witch is a witch. AWESOME post. Read now.

Also… he asks a good question. “Can you love Jesus too much?” Another excellent read. I like this blog. It’s great due to it’s brevity, and the wisdom in almost every post. Sort of like reading Proverbs.

Challies is having his February giveaway. So… go enter.

James White discusses The Qur’an in the Light of God-breathed Scripture.

Just go read Counter-Cult. I added them over the weekend – and they ROCK.

Also new – but, I’ve sort of been including them by default anyway… The Revenge of Mr. Dumping. His post in the current Vox Apologia is NICE. He says it’s “inspired BY” Vox Apologia… well, I beg to differ. It’s inspiring people to keep entering, in my humble opinion. It’s just that good.

Discourse(s) of the day:

Hookflash, who I had a discussion with recently, is chatting with others about it on the “Infidel Guy” forums.