Here’s a “What’s coming up” breakdown.

(postponed. I mean, seriously.. who cares?) A response to an assertion that Jesus’ General is not a satire of Christianity. (/postponed)

Part two of my response to “Argument from Evil”.

A critique of Joel Osteen’s theology (or lack thereof).

Commenting/Trackback rules.

A discussion about the Evangelical Disaster, by Francis Schaeffer.

A spotlight series targeting “real word blogapologetics”.

A reiteration of my “Challenge: Be an active Apologist”

So, that gives me plenty to do between now and this weekend. I got home at 9:30, and spent most of it replying to comments here. So… g’night.

The Apologist’s Evening Prayer

From all my lame defeats and oh! Much more From all the victories that I seem to score ;

From cleverness shot forth on Thy behalf At which, while angels weep, the audience laugh; From all my proofs of Thy divinity, Thou, who wouldst give no sign, deliver me.

Thoughts are but coins. Let me not trust, instead of Thee, their thin-worn image of Thy head. From all my thoughts, even from my thoughts of Thee 0 Thou fair Silence fall, and set me free. Lord of the narrow gate and the needle’s eye, Take from me all my trumpery lest I die.

-C.S. Lewis