Because… I’m going to a Skillet concert.

Skillet, you ask? Oh ho… they ROCK.


So, anyway… no blogging tonight. Sometimes, dear readers… you just have to headbang.

I mean, c’mon… think a guy whose online handle is “RazorsKiss” doesn’t headbang?

puhlease. hehe.

Have a good night.


I have this persistent ringing in my ears… perhaps because I was 10 feet from one of their multi-massively-huge speaker racks? Holy crap, it was loud. Even for a rock concert.

In a word, folks… they FREAKING RULED.

1 1/2 hours of pure, unadulterated, auditory mayhem.

3 minute guitar solo by Ben Kasica… 3 minute drum solo by Lori Peters…

Oh, man… it was excessively loud. I loved it. This is my second concert with Skillet – and they’re insanely good. This was the last show on their tour – and it was excellent. I got some headbanging done (my neck is going to hurt tomorrow), and I think my ears will still be ringing tomorrow night. This means it was a successful concert!

Plus, my little brother (who has been a Skillet fan for 9 years), got to talk to John Cooper, finally – a dozen plus concerts later. He got 3 cd’s signed, and he’s going to have them done in vinyl, to put on his guitar case. (He also plays the bass, like John – and he is very good.)

So, a fun time was had by all. My other Skillet freak brother got sick today, though – so he missed out on it. He was upset, but he’ll be ok.

Whew. I’m tired, but super hyped-up. I had a friggin blast though. I missed choir practice tonight… my mom will be understanding, though. Because, really – we’ve missed just about every other sort of event to go to Skillet concerts before… hehe.

Latah! Hope I can hear something tomorrow….