Update 4:
I appreciate everyone’s help.

But, honestly… it works in firefox, and coding for internet exploder is an exercise in futility sometimes.

I’ve only known wordpress existed for a little over a month, and css isn’t my specialty.

If anyone wants to look at this.. let me know, and I’ll send you the template and css. See if you can make something of it. I’m tired of looking at it.

Update 3:

Every strong and bold tag is removed from the two sidebars.

I notice the right bar is up higher than the left… could that have something to do with it?

Update 2:

Ok, I’m annoyed. It happens when you mouseover a link that is bolded/stronged.

WHY does that screw things up, I’m asking? WHY OH WHY.


Ok, IE should work for everyone now. However.. if you’re on 800 x 600 resolution … it won’t.
I have a 16mb video card on this box… so you have no excuse 😛

Basically, I totally redesigned the template, the css, and everything. Kept the graphics, and.. yeah.

On Firefox, I get a friggin’ annoying textual glitch – I think the sizes, when it changes from bold to normal, is messed up. I have no idea where it is – I spent probably two hours looking for it. If you can find it… God bless you.