The “Special Edition”, in essence, is my “weekend” edition of my “Daily Cut”. I run it for both Saturday and Sunday, and basically find what there is to find, and let you all know what’s on my heart, and in the works.

I took a bit of time off today to just read. Specifically, to run through “The Evangelical Disaster”, by Francis Schaeffer. If you’ve never read that book, and you are an Evangelical – and, even if you aren’t an Evangelical, but want to know what we really stand for – read it. I’ll be starting a series this week, covering the book point by point. I’d appreciate anyone else who would like to look it over, and really do a study from it, into what exactly we, as Evangelicals, should, and do, stand for.

See, when we say “I am an Evangelical” – what does that mean, really? Why, when we look at the “Evangelical” community, does our heart break, sometimes? Why does it infuriate some, and energize others, to be referred to as a “Fundamantalist”, or an “Evangelical”? Should it?

What exactly does being an “Evangelical” mean? What is the “chasm” which separates Evangelicals from non-Evangelicals? Denomination? Scriptural innerrancy? Salvation’s importance? What is it?

I’m going to cover all of those topics, and expand on the book itself, a bit. As a “shade tree” apologist ( and as a student of God’s Word – as we all should be) I think it behooves me to do an in-depth study on what it really means to be an Evangelical, a Biblie-believing Christian, and, more specifically, an apologist; not just a “cultural” apologist – but a Biblical Apologist, who stands to confront – lovingly – all “theologies”, concepts, and ideas contrary to the ones laid out for us in God’s Word. Get ready – it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Enough about me. Let’s get to the Daily Cut!

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Ed “What the Heck”man has some further discussion of a previously mentioned Daily Cut topic: “Romanism” – which originates from a statement by a blogger named Rand, who asserts that “Romanists” (Roman Catholics…) will not go to heaven“. And, sadly – I’m not misquoting. Ales Rarus, our resident Catholic Apologist, responds – and Ed is having a much more profitable conversation with Ales about the Doctrine and theology involved.

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  • (I love him – but… he doesn’t post the right mix of stuff for me to put him in my personal top ten. it’s not his fault. We just have different interests. I like… apologetics/hard-core theology – almost to a fault. He does post on both – but he also gets more into the “linking, more than thinking” aspect of blogging. Which is cool. I use him as a clearing house, more than anything.)

    Which reminds me, now that I think of it. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to be a “content producer” more lately. I still do my “Daily Cut” – but I’m purposely keeping out of reporting anything else but what is on the aggregator, or is sent to me via email.

    Basically, I want to actually write apologetics. I love pointing others to good posts, and to apologetics – but like I said in my series on The Ghetto – content providers (thinkers) should be doing their thinking – even if they do a bit of linking. I write too much to be linking all the time. So, yeah, anyway. That’s why the Daily Cut is smaller, and posts are more prolific.

    The second Carnival of the Godless will be at Pharyngula this week. Watch for an update, and a link to the carnival – so you can look for someone to dialogue with.