(Friday Edition)


Wittenberg Gate is hosting the next Vox Apologia. The subject is “Three Governments: Family, Church and State”.

Send your entries here.


Brad tells us a bit about himself – here, and here.

Funky and Adrian disagree a tad. Resolution likely.. details at 11!

Challies gets frivolous. Dag, yo.

Revenge of Mr. Dumpling had a dream.

Minor Prophet has like, 5 posts.

Every Thought Captive talks about the Pope, and death.

Go Read:

These two posts from Mari and Joshua Davey at letters from bablyon.

If you’re a student, or aspiring student of God’s Word – you will be edified, most righteously. I mean that in both the “cool”, and literal meanings.

(See… I do have a bunch of these blogs on my blogroll for a reason. See the heading “Extremely Sharp”? That means I think they really, really rock. K? Now, for a dumb question – does anyone want me to do a rundown of how I have my voluminous blogroll categorized? I’m bored…)

Incidentally… letters from babylon gets my “blog of the week” for this. Rock on.

P.S. – My suggestion? Add them to your blogroll.