Vox Apologia V is up!

(Sorry It’s so late – I was stupidly busy at work.)


Catez has two rockin posts: Cognitive Dissonance and the Call of Conscience, and The People Who Sat in Great Darkness.

I feel so… pwnt? Seriously… go read them. Like, now. This is getting to be a common theme, by the by. Why haven’t her blog been my blog of the week yet? Probably because I’m dumb 😀

Weapons of Warfare burninates Islam. (w00t! I worked in a trogdor link!)

Funky gets a Warnie!

Around the ‘Sphere:

Michael Russell, from Eternal Perspectives, took up Adrian’s challenge and created a Theology Aggregator.

He says:

Adrian had two great ideas: the first was to set up a theology aggregator; the second was to have someone else do it. That’s where I came in.

It’s up now at Blogdigger. It’s called “Theology Blogs” (clever, eh?); subtitle, Expository, Exegetical, Practical: Resources for Serious Christ-Followers.

Adrian also recommended some qualifications for contributors:

1. An earned doctorate in theological studies;
2. Active involvement in vocational ministry.

To which I added:

3. Anybody I deem worthy.

If, for some reason, you don’t want to be included, let me know and I’ll eliminate you; if you’d like to be considered, let me know – I couldn’t find personal information on all of you, so I’ve probably overlooked more than a few. Or if you would like to recommend someone else, let me know about that, too.

(His clarification in a second email: any one of the three would qualify you.

Good stuff!