(Tuesday Edition)


I just called out DarkSyde, of UTI out, due to his comments at Evangelical Outpost. I hope he stops by.

If he does, and if he does as I told him – bring friends – I’d appreciate your help in answering.

It’s what we do, after all.


Every Thought Captive begins a series on The Knowledge Argument.

Tim is homesick for hymns.

The HAT reminds us that God is not Absent. And, He also claims, with understandable pride, that his son is the most wonderful 2 year old in thw world. I have a daughter – and she just turned 1 – so I won’t argue.

Eric posts his story – and he is seeking additional contributors .

Dory (the new Christian Carnival primary host) informs us of possible complications with the next CC host.

Andrew is in need of prayer. He also gives my recent post a flog.

off shore fisherman tells us about armor bearers. Hrmm.. I’m thinking “tie-in”, for some reason… I can’t imagine why.

Funky compares Catholic and Arminian soteriologies.

Bible Archive is blogging away on Elijah, still. His latest is “The Pronouncement.” Luff 4 Elijah.

Jeff is going to Jamaica…

Imago Dei takes on Pharyngula, in Pharyngeal Phantasies. Excellent post.

Alpha and Omega gets robbed… and posts part VI of their “The Catholic Verses” series.

Jeff Downs has an ideal job description. I want that job too. Unlike me.. he’s actually qualified 😀

There you go.. the Daily Cut… in 5.75 minutes. How bout dem apples?


Eternal Perspectives is hosting a symposium on Neil Anderson.

Just as an aside: Please, do email me things you want to put on the Daily Cut. I may not post all of them – or they may be a day or two later, because I’m busy – but if you are in the Aggregator, especially (and I didn’t hit your post for some reason), or if you are not, but found something that is either a good announcement or something apologists would go for – please – email me.


P.S. – I’m going to Waffle House again – to drink lots of coffee, and to do the prep for the next installment of my Schaeffer series. That was where I did all the prep for that series, and wrote the entire study notes (sans crosswalk references) for my last post 😀 (Except for a short stint at Pizza Hut… hehe. Yes, I’m commenting about you on my blog… bwahaha.)