(Thursday Edition)


Phil Steiger, of Every Thought Captive, is hosting Vox Apologia VI this week. The topic is “Christian Thought in the Biotech Century.”

Send your entry to this address.

Subject is included in the email link.


Rey wants some input. He’s also afraid – very afraid – of Rebecca’s birdshot.

Phil is discussing The Emergent Church, Apologetics and Stanley Grenz – as well as collecting “Op-Ed Piece and Responses” concerning “Intelligent Design in the Public Square”.

Dory is hosting the Christian Carnival, along with Sharing Spirit (the intended hostess – a bit of a mixup, it seems).

Dory is also spearheading Blogging for Terri Schiavo”. My suggestion? Make your entry for the Vox Apologia a double-whammy – blog on Terri, and bioethics at the same time, where possible – they dovetail quite nicely.

Alex posts an Open Letter to Seminary Students.

Brad posts parts 3 and 4 of his story.

Catez covers The Qu’ran: Plagiarism of the Bible and Omissions.

For further discussion, see Andrew’s post: Surah 1: Al Fatihah (The Opening).

Also, Andrew has posted on Why Antithesis?, and The Keen Eyes of Kierkegaard.

off shore fisherman brings us Spirit Realm. I really encourage you to make this blog a daily read. He has some great, great insights – in a form reminiscent of the pithiness and brevity of Proverbs. I like his blog a lot.

Eric starts a Fundamental blogroll.

Visit blogma’s new blog design/url – as designed by another AA member – the one and only Tim Challies! (who, by the way, has a cool post entitled “Inherited Sin“, from his “Feedback Files”.)

And, well.. just read everything on the front page from James White’s Alpha and Omega. I mean, when I want to link every single post, for one reason or another… may as well just link the blog!

The Minor Prophet is the same deal today – but for a different reason. He’s almost an instapundit/hewitt-type of blogger – which means a lot more, shorter posts – which means a TON of links, if I tried to link everything. So, just go read it. I find it hard to do a roundup on the shorter-post-type blogs, if they are prolific in number of posts-per-day 😀

Remember – if you have something you think would be interesting to apologists, or should be brought to our attention – please, email me here.

The next post in my Schaeffer series should be done tommorow. It ended up a bit longer than I planned – but I don’t see where exactly I can cut it! So, it’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Also – I plan on implementing some new ideas this weekend.

1. A “weekly challenge”. I will find, or take email submissions for, a challenge per week from an atheist or agnostic. That will be listed in the apologetics section up and to your right – but, maybe, in the “sidecut” area. I haven’t decided. I also need to set up an email reminder list for the Vox Apologia, and get a more timely and efficient system to annouce/plan it. I’m not doing it correctly, and I need to get that straightened out.

2. A section to somehow highlight “ways to engage the atheistic/agonostic bloggers, and create dialogue”. We need to do this, folks. I’m going to keep exhorting you toward this – because I really feel we have a calling to engage our equivalents in the “non-theism” blogosphere. I’ve said it before – we need to be actively engaging in the battle. Writing battle plans is a very good thing – but we can’t all be writing the plans, or creating the strategies. We have to be soldiers, on the front lines – you know?