(Tuesday Edition)


Vox Apologia VII has a welcome post up already! Ed Heckman is way, way on top of things. Good job!

The subject is โ€œEvolution vs. Creation: So What?โ€

Entries can be sent to his – So get writing!

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Give a big welcome to Amy’s Humble Musings. Was wondering when they’d sign up ๐Ÿ˜€

The Minor Prophet posts “Your life is no mistake“. They also hope to further discuss the Vox Apologia topic for this week.

AllThings2All posts “Will you help to wash Terri’s Feet?

Every Thought Captive posts “Creating a Culture of Death?

Personal note: I find it absolutely sickening that the suicide of Hunter Thompson is being commented on more than any story right now, (time sensitive link) when Terri is fighting for her life – which is being taken from her. I’m well and truly sick.

Congratulate Alex. Read this, and find out why ๐Ÿ˜€

21st Century Reformation posts Free to Feed, part 5.

blogma answers: “Who were the sons of God?

off shore fisherman has a praise, and an explanation.

Wittingshire: Being Yourself. Good post.

Ryan has no time… I know the feeling.

Eric has a stalker. So, if you know anything about the legal implications – go talk to him.

Funky posts: The Posting Heard Round the World. Go check it out. It’s why Funky’s my favorite Catholic ๐Ÿ˜€

Alpha and Omega posts on The Blessedness of Blindness? Interesting.


DarkSyd is still on a rampage about Joe. A taste:

I did think it was a little odd though … as far I could tell if I remember right, and I did ask him a couple of times, Joe never went to actually fight in the war he so loved. A couple of times he said something to the effect that ‘others had asked if they could go for him so that they could get the extra combat pay” or something like that, if I recall correctly (See, Joe was doing them a favor by letting them get shot at, and blown to bloody pieces, instead of himself).

Anyway, as the Marines rotated through their forces, and I suspect that Joe realized he was on the verge of possibly being, you know, actually sent into combat, he suddenly had an incredibly well timed mid-life crises of some kind, and was no longer sure the “Marines were the right place to be’. Isn’t that a coinkidink?

What a class act…