(Thursday Edition)


James White covers J.P. Holding.

He also posts part V of his “The Catholic Verses”.

The Minor Prophet posts about 50 billion trillion things. So just read him 😀

Adrian encourages us to tell our own story, after he and Jollyblogger have spent some time telling theirs of late.

Imago Dei takes on David Vellman’s argument for a first trimester abortion “compromise”.

Catez is Anne of Green Gables. I won’t ever admit that I ever read those books. Ever.

Read this post from her too. It’s good.

blogma asks – Can God die?

Wittenberg Gate remeinds us not to fall for the bait and switch.

Is Counter-cult apologetics a neglected mission field? Counter-Cult weighs in.

offshore fisherman – speaking in other tongues? Edify yo-self foo’!