Is something I want to change.

See, we’re all on our particular blogs, blogging about topics all over the spectrum.

I want to do something about this – get all the apologetics blogging in one place – at least “pointing to” from one place.

That place will not be here. Not because I’m not willing to do it – but because it has to be a cooperative effort by multiple members of the blogosphere in order for it to be something less than an overwhelming task for a single person, or even a few people. Trust me – I could spend all night, every night, on the Daily Cut – and still not cover more than a portion, or anything close to a full treatment of apologetics.

I’m talking about a BIG group blog. With forums, with all the little doodads and resources a major site can offer. I just bought a big webhosting package that can do it with ease – and I’ll volunteer to pay for it, or whatever. What I want, though, is unity, and centrality. Not for “purity” or anything – or to conform it to my own direction; But, in order to present a unified front to the world – of Christianity united in defense of it’s principles, in opposition to a hostile, ever-increasing bevy of worldviews. This must, and this has to be, done, for apologetics to become effective, and noticeable.

How do I think this can be accomplished?

1) A user-friendly, well-appointed, organized central blog. A “clearing house” for blog-based apologetics work – or otherwise, for that matter.

2) A supporting website with all the resources we need, and a central archive of apologetics work by the members and/or contributors.

3) Forums, for formal and informal debates.

4) “Departmental” focus. See, there are a great deal of possible topics to defend, and many worldviews, and sub-sets of those worldviews, to do “stronghold demolition” on. I think there should be “departments” which take on their “specialties” – this way, we can all tailor our strengths, and shore up each other’s weaknesses. I’m weak, for example, in creation vs. evolution/bioethics. I’m weak in Biblical “problems” defenses. I’m strong(er) in anti-humanism, philosophy (to an extent), and offensive “take it to the opponent” apologetics. So, under this plan – I’d be in the “humanism” department, for instance.

5) A central location to host Vox Apologia. Now, I know most Carnivals have a “migratory” setting. However, we need to decide something. Is the purpose to highlight blogs and bloggers, or to provide a topical defense of Christianity, and it’s tenets? We can still use posts on individual blogs – but if we’re going to have a large group blog set up specifically for this purpose – let’s use it to host, so that we aren’t sending people hither and yon any more than possible. Note: This isn’t a specifically targeted thing. I’m throwing out an idea for public consumption.

6) A central “fortress” for skeptics to attack/object to. See, if there’s nothing concrete to attack, and the battles go on piecemeal, we’re never going to be unified, or act in like manner. If there is a central “fortress”, we can BOTH defend from within it, and make sallies from it.

Get the idea? If enough of us are in one place, we can present that unified front – and act in concert and cooperation.

7) Give skeptics a place to aim their skepticism. Not at us per se, but to the Christians who minister in this way, to answer their honest questions. If we don’t answer, they may be hard-pressed to find an answer from Christianity these days, sadly. I’m not saying “apologists are the only ones who can answer skeptics” – I’m saying that we can both improve our study, our skills, and our witness, by giving them the opportunity, with people who want to do it, and have a heart to do it. In addition, we can provide a group that can “take the heat” better than most – and, thus, take the heat off of people not as used to taking it. Face it – if you’re an apologist/debater – you’re used to getting zinged by the other side. Constantly. if you haven’t developed a thick skin – you need one, posthaste 😀

There’s some general ideas, as far as the philosophy goes, and the needs I want to meet.

So, here’s my logistical ideas, thus far.

URL: – or, (to steal Andrew’s title – I WANT him in on this!)

Group members (to start with)


Topics: (departments?)

Atheism, Agnosticism, Cults, Humanism, “Life” issues (Euthanasia, Abortion, etc.), Doctrine/Theology, Biblical studies (defending the Bible as Truth, with a capital T), “Objections” answered, Debates

Things I want to include:

Invitations to skeptics to ask questions, and have it discussed as a “main” topic.

A formal debate forum.

A language moderated “informal” debate forum.

A “skeptics corner” – where skeptics can ask, atheists can challenge, and we can answer.

An expanded version of my “Daily Cut”, where we can put a *lot* of people on the task – and really get a good cross-section of apologetics on the web, and especially, in the blogosphere – daily.

Please, discuss, and give me some ideas and feedback. I’m going to do this – but I need your elp and input.

So get to it.

P.S. – I’m on instant messengers, if anyone wants to chat with me in the evening. Go to my main site: – look to your right – all my im information is there. Click, and talk. Or, email me. rk AT razorskiss DOT net