Vox Apologia IV will be hosted at firstpete315. Head over there for submission information. The subject, as you can see on your right, is “What happens to those who have never heard the Gospel?” Toughie – and a goodie.


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Making the Cut:

Every Thought Captive, with a thoughtful analysis of where the Emergent Church is going right right

Alex Forrest, giving us Geisler’s take on apologetics.

Allthings2all – “The Spiritual Meaning of Grasshoppers“. Must read.

Evangelical Underground, with “Tolerance in Love“.

firstpete315, with Marital Validity among Divorce: Revisited. As a divorcee myself, this subject has a bit of impact. Go check it out.

blogma, with Dogma Dienstag: Is there only one true scripture?, and Westminster Shorter Catechism – Question 5.

Bible Archive, with Elijah: The Proclamation. He also wonders whether the “Death Star” of the blogosphere should be deployed, and how it should be deployed, when it comes to Joel Osteen.

Challies looks at The Minister in the Garden.


Wittenberg Gate asks: Are you bad Enough to be a Christian?

Discourse of the day:

Hookflash, with “Midafternoon musings