Vox Apologia:

firstPete315 is next week’s host. His “welcome” post is up here.


Ed “What the” Heckman goes Spongebob Cache Diving. If you’re interested in the spongebob debate, this looks to be a well-researched look at what was really on the WAFF site. I’ve heard a very similar story on American Family Radio’s, “Today’s Issues”, incidentally. Just as another tidbit, Tim Wildmon, Don’s son, was scheduled to be on the O’Rielly show mentioned in Ed’s entry. He was bumped just before the piece aired. Hrmm.

Ed contributes to the discussion between Rand and Ales, but concerning Mary. Well, Ales is discussing. Rand won’t. So, yeah.

Ales Rarus also weighs in on spongebob.

21st Century Reformation talks about the Cost of a Morally Beautiful Community

Mr. Dumpling is “a little” obsessed with insects. Really. Go see for yourself. He spends “too much time” on the internet too. Heavens to Betsy! We let him visit here??

No, seriously, he has an “about me” post up. However, I must mention: I, like Amy, am crushed by the nondisclosure in his final FAQ answer. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from it. Thanks a lot Dave. Sheesh. (heh.)

Oh, and I actually had two im conversations, and left my computer for an extended amount of time – at night. You should all be shocked and appalled.

From all of us here at The Daily Cut… (ok, ok – just me) good day!