The subject is: Answering Objections: God’s Way?.

2 things I want to note.

First: These will be the inaugural posts in the new setup for Vox Apologia – which will be revealed this edition. The “suprise” is almost ready – and I think you’re going to like it. So, please, submit your entries, will you?

Second: I’d like to expand on the topic a bit.

The “objections” refers to objections to Christianity, to belief in Christianity, or objections to aspects of God which are barriers to the above.

ie: The Argument From Evil.

How do we respond to arguments about, or objections made about, God, Following Him, or the like – and do it in a way that honors God? This is a crucial subject – because it is something every apologist has to engage in, at one point – and when we do, it must honor God, or we are doing it in vain.

I’d like to hear your thoughts. I will certainly share mine.