Welcome to Vox Apologia IX! This week’s submissions were simply incredible. I applaud you for your excellent work.

I received two entries from antithetical worldviews this week – and I decided not to post them inside Vox itself. Counterpoint entries will be listed elsewhere – and I will let you know when/where that will be.

From here on out, I have an announcement. There won’t be any more roving hosting of Vox. I will explain why next week – and you’ll see why that is.

After all that is out of the way… Welcome: To the Vox Apologia Symposium IX.

Today’s host is yours truly – Joshua Whipps, aka “RazorsKiss”. The graphic you see is by my brother, Paul, aka “BrainCatalyst”. I hope you stop by his site, when you’re through. I enjoy his work – in fact – it’s all over my site. Including the banner, you see above.

Today’s subject is “Glory to Man in the Highest: Humanism’s Dangerous Lie”. I kept the definition and description purposely specific, to see the response. Several people took a similar approach, several people took “the road less traveled”. Both types of entries complement each other well.

This was an absolutely excellent Vox – as you are about to find out. Thank you once again.


Blogotionalreminds us that “Humanism is incompatible with religion and idolatrous for Christians” He writes: “Even those that hold moral relativism feel the need to somehow add some “authority” to it. So, it appears to me that they came up with a school of philosophy that attempts to do that.”
Mike, from The Jesus Freak brings us The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Man and the Root of Sin.. He writes:
“It is said that there have been more people killed in the name of God than anything. What a crock. Humanism has killed 40 million from abortion in this country. It has killed about 60 million in Communist China. Stalin killed about 100 million in the name of humanism. I could go on and on … I hope no one ever tries to treat me “humanely”, I can think of nothing more scary. If it is a question of whether the Godly way or the humane way is better it is no contest. Humanism is completely bankrupt.”
From John at Lucid Moments, we get The Lonely Humanist. He writes: Humanism in it’s most benign form desires to give comfort to its followers. Emptied of any religious or spiritual belief, it places humanity at the pinnacle of order on this world of dirt and blood. And that is humanism’s most dangerous claim. Isolated from God, the hopes of humanism to redeem humanity’s time on earth and give comfort to its adherents must by necessity create despair. It is lonely at the top.
Phil, from the inimitable Every Thought Captive, tells us about The Deadly Paradox of Humanism. He writes: Humanism has, all at the same time, glorified the potential of the human being and debased its nature altogether. This paradox is currently highlighted by the conflicting realities of frighteningly amazing medical advances capable of extending life well beyond a point which used to be considered ‘natural’, and the morally horrific circus which is the Terri Schaivo case.
My own post is titled “Humanism’s Dangerous Claim“. I write: “Humanism makes a dangerous claim. That there is no spirit, that there is no God, and that there is nothing outside of man to give him meaning.

It is a lie – and it is not even a clever lie.”

Dave, from Revenge of Mr. Dumpling has his own claim: Humanism is An Exercise in Futility He writes:
This, then, is Humanism’s greatest lie, and most dangerous claim, that humanity can make it on its own. Not only does this choke humanity’s progress by perpetuating its rebellious and self destructive behaviour, it only leads to despair… It is only when we make the hardest decision of all, to ask for help, that we can change and begin to progress, and in doing so make the world a better place. Despite its good intentions, Humanism has no answers, and until we realise that the world will never get any better, and we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
Rey, from The Bible Archive, gives us Humanism: You Will Be Like God. He writes: “Man has proven that although he can decide and can make choices for the good—he will repeatedly choose the wrong in direct opposition to the Eternally Good that does not change. Fault, now compounded, when Deity presented Himself and man shrugged off His authority and slew Him.

Now they do the same, not with nails but with the doctrine of their minds and empty ethics based on nothing but what is right in one’s own eyes.”

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