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The Subject: They are precious in His sight: The least of these

Amy says:

Some places this topic might go (but is certainly not limited to): who did Jesus mean when He spoke of “the least of these?”; what should caring for these ones look like?; the role of the government and the Church in this matter, etc. What this topic will not include, though it fits here well, are articles on Terri Schiavo. There are several websites, lists, blogrolls, and such that are handling that well, and I do not want to reinvent the wheel.

So there you have it. I like Amy. Her hubby is a rocket scientist! Frequent visitors here probably know that my dad is in NASA…

So, this should be a good VA. Start thinking about your entries – and visit the first link in this post for submission information.

(And yes… I’m working on the new blog – so I apologize for the few and far-between posts. It’ll be worth it, though. I promise.)