Welcome: To the Vox Apologia Symposium X. This is edition 10, which means the Vox Apologia Symposium has reached 2 1/2 months running now! I had no idea it would receive such an awesome response from you all – and I am grateful you’ve participated thus far! I look forward to many, many more great symposiums in the future, as well.

Today’s host is, unfortunately, me again.

I WAS going to have a surprise for you.. but I couldn’t pull it off just yet. However, like last week, the graphic is a preview of the surprise…

The graphic you see is by my brother, Paul, aka “BrainCatalyst”. I hope you stop by his site, when you’re through. I enjoy his work – in fact – it’s all over my site. Including the banner, you see above.

Today’s subject is “Presuppositional Apologetics: Target Audience”. I was very specific, because this is something I’m not overly familiar with. So… I figured that there may be others who are not, either.

There were some absolutely GREAT entries this week. Only two of them – but they were excellent counterpoints – and took completely different approaches.


Jeff Downs, from Counter-Cult gives us a few of his thoughts on “The Subject” He writes: “Presuppositional apologetics is a concrete all or nothing, worldview apologetic. The natural outworking will be for the believer to call the unbeliever (whatever form that takes) to repent of his “supposed” autonomy and give credit where credit is due – The Triune God of Christianity.”
Jeremy “Parableman” Pierce has a bit of a different take on The Subject.. His post argues that presuppositional apologetics (at least in its standard form) is both unwarranted and ineffective by its very nature (and especially so in a postmodern generation).
If you have a late entry, you are still welcome to send it in. As always, entries from a non-Christian perspective will never be entered as part of the Vox Apologia, as it is a specifically Christian defense, discussion of Christian doctrine, or the principles of Christian apologetics. Entries from that perspective, if you wish to send them, may be displayed at a separate location, once the central archive is complete.
Next Week!

The host will be at a surprise location. The subject is “Answering Objections: God’s Way?” Send entries HERE, no earlier than Thursday, March 24th, no later than midnight EST, Sunday, March 27th.
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