The next Vox, unfortunately, will be hosted here once again. I’ll have it up tomorrow morning, once I get back from work.

I got tapped to work tonight… again. Which means that I worked Saturday night, had church this morning, had 3 hours or so of sleep between church services – and now have to go to work again. So, obviously… I haven’t had much time. (For those who don’t know, I have a new job, on graveyard shift – as well as a couple other projects and personal concerns which have severely curtailed my blogging. So, please excuse my lack of posting lately.)

Which was the time I WAS going to use to finish that surprise I talked about. I *should* have that surprise up and ready by the next Vox – and running how it’s supposed to be. Until then… please be patient, and thank you for your consideration! I do appreciate it.

I know several of you have left comments that I really should reply to… and I will. I have projects I *need* to get done – and they are my first priority at the present time. Blogging was, to be honest, supposed to be a part-time hobby to begin with. For a while, it became almost an all-consuming thing, due to the need I felt to organize and link together the apologetic bloggers, and to seek out and find as many as I could, so you could all meet each other. That has been my passion for the last few months – and still is. When my time constraints returned to normal, I had to set something up to continue the ministry I started, with a smaller time “budget” – and that’s what I’m trying to get set up. So… please be patient. In doing so, I’ve run into those time restraints (as well as discovering more…), while simultaneously trying to cover several other projects.

In other words… neither my available time, nor my time management skills have been up to the task. So, I apologize for not coming through on my promises on time.

Once this is done, I’m hoping we’ll have a newer, better Daily Cut style series, an awesome home for the Vox Apologia Symposium, and a reference library for apologetics blogging. Circumstances just haven’t let me accomplish everything I had planned to do, in the time I had to do them. I’ve barely blogged at all in the past few weeks! I will get back to blogging, and to “normal” (albeit with a bit less time, which, honestly, has been a long time coming :D) soon – but, in the meantime, please be patient. I really think you’ll like the results coming from my recent hiatus.

Once again.. stand by for updates. And thank you, as always, for visiting my humble abode.