Ok, ok, I haven’t been blogging. At all.

I have a new girlfriend – who will soon become a fiancee. And who I am spending an inordinate amount of time with. At the expense of blogging…

Hey, the hours have to come from somewhere…


letters from babylon has this gem for us:

But one gray-haired lady didn’t buy it. She stuck a finger in his chest and said, “You’re fooling everybody but God and me.”

Go read the rest. I have, and we all have, a sort of double life. Who are we trying to fool? Yes, for a certain someone – this did convict me for that reason. We both know why – and I’m sure you agree.


Blue Goldfish nails 21 Theses to his blog

View from the Pew awards a Clewie for conspicuous misue of a religious term….

A blog I think deserves mentioning: This is not for You – go check it out.

Matt Friedeman’s In the Fight always picks great articles to comment on. Take this one, for example…


Mumon goes off the deep end again. Unsurprisingly.

Ok, I blogged something. And I’m back reading through The Great Evangelical Disaster.

So expect at least a little something from there, soon. I hope.

Oh, and Vox is up.