I sometimes wonder. Did God create our overdeveloped sense of irony in order to give us a concrete example of how He works? I know – it’s an odd question. Here’s why I ask it, though.

Often, in life, He answers our prayers at precisely the point we would never have expected it. He works in exactly the manner we wouldn’t have worked. He uses the people we never would have used, to do what we never would have imagined doing. He does it on purpose, I believe.

He has an unknown woman driving tent stakes through foreign army commander’s temples. A coward leading an army selected by their mode of drinking from a stream. A treacherous prophet warned by a donkey, of all things. A strongman slaughtering thousands with the jawbone of a donkey. A boy with a sling, killing a giant, when an entire army sits quaking in their armor. A rebellious prophet swallowed, and vomited up, by a whale. Then, whining about the fact God didn’t kill everyone he was assigned to preach the Word to. Oh, and whining about a stupid plant more than the thousands he was assigned to save. He reduces the mighty king of Babylon to a raving beast. Shows the wisest man in history as the most prone to massive folly.

God knows irony.