I’ll bet some of you are wondering – what the heck has happened to me?

Well, it’s a long story, actually. Yet, to be honest, it’s one I’ve been scrapping for time to tell you. In fact, I’m transcribing from a notebook that I wrote it in, for transfer to the blog 😀 (Which is how I often write posts. I jot them down in my ever-present notebook, and expand them on the blog.)

So, anyway, as I referred to in my previous post – I met a girl. My pastor’s wife played matchmaker, actually. She was referred to me, because she had a computer problem. Or three. So, I fixed her computer, and she got my email address through that – which ends in razorskiss.net… My pastor’s wife saw us talking, and decided we made a cute couple…

Due to the meddling help of my pastor’s wife, she got interested in me. (God works in mysterious ways, though… the nerd gets a date for fixing a cute girl’s computer! There IS hope, denizens of geekdom! That being said… read and weep.) It was reciprocal, of course! However, I was still embroiled in custody/visitation issues with my ex, and my youngest daughter. Anyway, even longer story.

Believe it or not, she started reading my blog, due to the distinctive url – and didn’t realize it was me, for a good long while, since I rarely use my real name. Later on, I got another computer from her to fix (a friend’s, this time), and got a fun shock. I had a Vox post due the next day (I think it was Euthanasia). She asked me if I wanted to go out for coffee with she and some friends, after church – I had to decline, and told her that I had something to do that night, but that I would love to next time…

What did she tell me? “Oh, you have to finish a post for your blog?” Think back. Remember the first time someone asked you a question about what you were blogging on, or said they read your blog? In real life, that you had no idea read it? Now, add about 5 times the “flustered” factor – because it’s a gorgeous girl you’re interested in – that you just turned down for blogging… who not only figures out why, but then goes on to tell you, as you stammer out a “yes”… “well, I’ll look forward to reading it tomorrow, then…”

Friends – please join me in a hymn of thanks for God’s gracious gifts… heh. I mean really… how freaking cool is that? Next Sunday, my Vox post was done on Saturday night… then, she asked me if I wanted to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in Mobile. Ladies and Gentlemen – this is an open and shut case. Keeper.

So, anyway, for the last month and change, I’ve been falling hopelessly in love. Which, of course, is why I’ve been conspicuously absent of late. She’s a schoolteacher, and semi-pro photographer. (Who, I keep telling her, needs to start photoblogging – especially since she got an impossibly uber digital camera last week…) We’re getting engaged within the month – and tentatively married late this fall. I don’t date really. Relationship = courtship – so, yeah, we’re getting married fast. Why wait 😛

The last month has been a hyperspeed ride through about 6 months (or more) of any previous relationship’s “get to know each other” phase. Involving, mostly, massive time expenditure. (which I don’t mind a bit, honestly.) But, prior massive time expenditure was blogging, so… blogging < girlfriend. She's worth it - trust me 😀 I'll try to post more, but, umm... we'll see. I have enough trouble keeping up with Vox... heh. In cidentally - this was written on her computer ;P So, now you know - I really care... because I took some time out with her to write this for you 😀 That's what's up with me. How 'bout you?