…I read Joe’s comments section.

From btdhguy:

And praise God for your spectacular conversion story! Saved from years of going down the dark lonely road, being a blind prisoner of sin! Saved from having an art gallery in your mind filled with scenes of years of fulfillment of past passions and pleasures! Saved from years of living in malice and envy, being hated and hating others! Saved from years of being in the habit of gratifying the cravings of your sinful nature and years of following its desires and thoughts! Saved from all those years of sexual immorality, lust, and greed, and being an object of God’s wrath! What an awesome display of God’s power and mercy and grace that you did NOT have to go through ALL THAT! What an awe-inspiring tale you have of the kinds of things that surely would have happened were it not for Jesus saving you. What a great and merciful Lord Jesus Christ we have in that He often chooses to glorify Himself in what He prevents as much as He glorifies Himself in what He redeems.

Freaking awesome. Oh, and the post is great too. Joe’s too hard on himself, by the by. RLP has nothing on him as a writer.