I DO have a reason for most of the blogs on my blogroll.

For instance: “This is not for you…

Once you check out this post – take a look through some of Matthew’s other stuff. He is a phenomenal writer.

Maybe this is a dumb question – but first, why is noone submitting anything to Vox? Second, why is noone visiting? Third, why don’t you email me to become a contributor? Fourth, how the heck do I fix the comments on Vox? I broke them, somehow…

It’s annoying me.

Basically, I want a few people to spend 5 minutes a day, and link to a few apologetics posts or articles apiece. That’s at least content. I’m having a severely hard time keeping up with it, and it seems like the existing contributors are pretty much up to their eyeballs themselves.

So, if you are listed in my apologetics section (see top right of my massive blogroll), or think you should be – and would like to help – talk to me, please. That’s one thing I CAN do faithfully, regardless of how limited my time is – answer email.