Very strawman(nish) – but this is the reason I no longer post on politics.

The unfortunate merge of Christianity with politics, instead of the other way around, comes out looking like this. I don’t like it – so check it out.

The Ten Commandments
of Evangelical Co-Belligerence
by Steve Camp

  1. Thou shalt keep all family values/moral causes continually before you
  2. Thou shalt not let the Word of God, doctrine, theology, truth, or
    the gospel of Jesus Christ keep you from “standing together” with
    anyone to reach our goal of impacting our culture by returning it back
    to moral traditional family values through legislation, judicial
    process, and co-belligerent partnerships
  3. Thou shalt remember the Sabbath Day and keep it political; rename
    it by changing it from the Lord’s Day to “Justice Sunday” (substitute
    worship services with political rallies and make sure you feature
    non-Christians for a wide tolerant religious ideological appeal)
  4. Thou shalt not take the name of family value/moral causes in vain;
    but use every social cultural political co-belligerent means necessary
    to strong arm politicians to win the day
  5. Thou shalt honor thy senator and thy congressman as long as they
    stand for what we tell them to stand for (this is the first commandment
    with a vote)
  6. Thou shalt boycott, protest and petition against all who act
    immorally and who try to filibuster judicial Presidential appointees
  7. Thou shalt fault, criticize and belittle unsaved people for living
    like unsaved people given every opportunity possible. It’s OK for them
    to remain unsaved people, but they just can’t live like they’re too
    unsaved. (They can be unsaved, but just can’t be gay; they can be
    unsaved, but just can’t be pro-choice; they can be unsaved, but just
    can’t believe in euthanasia; they can even remain unsaved, but must be
    for a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage)
  8. Thou shalt faithfully turn the body of Christ into The Pope’s
    Political Action Committee (TPPAC): The Lord’s Lobbyists; Value Voters,
    Patriot Pastors; the Largest Special Interest Group in America; and
    most importantly, Christocrats.
  9. Thou shalt not do anything to shrink the mailing list of any
    Para-church ministry for three things are always necessary for success:
    donations, donations, donations.
  10. Thou shalt always remember to keep your primary focus on the family and not on the faith

(HT: Reasons Why, originally from Audience One)