Culled from two im conversations:

HydroPhoboe: what about this example..
HydroPhoboe: Could God eat an infinitely long hot dog?
RazorsKiss: Nothing but God is infinite, in my opinion.
RazorsKiss: How could anything but God be equal to God?
RazorsKiss: Is a hot dog equal to God? 😀
HydroPhoboe: Lol
HydroPhoboe: no
RazorsKiss: So, if God is infinite, how can anything else be, and not be equal to God in that respect?
RazorsKiss: it’s a logical contradiction, in my humble opinion – for a Christian, at least
RazorsKiss: I think that was profound
RazorsKiss: but it may not have been
RazorsKiss: it’s hard to tell with hot dogs
RazorsKiss: if it was polish sausage, we wouldn’t even be discussing it!

End first conversation… but I can’t help thinking about that one.

So, I quote it to Bethany, and continue my train of thought.

RazorsKiss: I crack me up.
Bethany: lol
Bethany: okay…that is…um…weird?
RazorsKiss: but.. funny
Bethany: yeah. funny.
Bethany: but weird….
RazorsKiss: see if this makes sense to you
RazorsKiss: I had to think about it for a minute
RazorsKiss: the very concept of an infinite *thing* is impossible, in my opinion
RazorsKiss: because the very concept of “thing” implies limits, or measure
RazorsKiss: infinity is a concept which flatly denies measure, or limit
RazorsKiss: follow me?
RazorsKiss: So, it would be an inherent contradiction, both logically, and conceptually
RazorsKiss: Or am I off-base?
Bethany: yes…I follow and I agree.
RazorsKiss: Ok, so the “could God make a rock large enough He couldn’t lift it” is an inherently illogical statement – because limit is implied in the statement “rock”, and “heavy”
Bethany: I think so.
RazorsKiss: a rock is inherently limited by the fact that it is a thing – a rock
Bethany: and is not infinite…
RazorsKiss: it is inherently limited by weight – which is a measure
RazorsKiss: it can neither be a rock, nor heavy, to be infinite – to be infinite is reserved for God, therefore it can neither be too heavy to lift, or a rock, to be infinite – and the only thing impossible is something equal to or greater than God
RazorsKiss: so… the statement is inherently illogical, and conceptually impossible
RazorsKiss: w00t. I’ll be a philosopher yet…
RazorsKiss: unless I’m wrong.
Bethany: lol!
Bethany: indeed…you shall.
RazorsKiss: that is SO going to my blog.

My brain hurts – but that was fun.

I know, I’m flying in the face of mathematics – but really – who has measured infinity?

I still say the only thing infinite is God – period.