Ripped from my comment at Joe’s Evangelical Outpost, and slightly revised.

They will realize what we’re saying, eventually, and quit reciting the media mantra of “ESC promises great results” like mouldering zombies. One day. That would involve them realizing that there is, actually, no evidence whatsoever for ESC promise, and every evidence for adult cell promise.

It would also require a mindset which ceases to disregard life.

I find it absolutely apalling that there is a group of Americans who will make any excuse, and take any road which involves the destruction of human life – just to be able to say “I have that right to choose” ( their death). Not their right to choose life – that is the road of ASC, or abortion alternative counseling – or even adoption proponents! Instead, they consciously, staggeringly, and even viciously end the life of another human being – just because they can then say they chose it.

Pro-Choice. Yeah. I’m Pro-Choice too. Except my choice is for life. I get to choose too, you know. That’s fine, though. Call yourself “Pro-Choice” – we know better. It’s not about our choices, though. It’s about theirs – the ones the “Pro-Choice” movement never offers a choice to at all.

It’s easier to talk about as a “fetus”, or a “blob of protoplasm” – or even “research with such great promise” (true or not). Never mind THEIR choices. Just pack em into the freight cars. We know what it is you’re doing. We aren’t quiet about it, though. Is that why you’re so hot to drag us away from in front of the abortion clinics? We’re actually refering to the “Solution of Choice” sans euphemisms? In public?

That just won’t do, will it? Then people would know about the freight cars and the suction hoses used to rip babies into pieces, and the saline solution used to burn them to death. They would know that you were creating babies solely to kill them, for some ephemeral chance for “a cure” with no history of success. They would know that for every baby that is successfully brought to term with IVF, that the others are simply discarded like garbage.

That’s the problem. We’re using non-euphemisms, and speaking about the “Solution of Choice” before the country is fully “sanitized” of all these “religious fanatics”- we are not following the herd. The herd curiously referred to as “Pro-Choice”. The levels of irony involved in this whole set of issues… especially from the side that calls itself “Pro-Choice” – and gives the victim of that choice no choice at all… staggering. No wonder there’s the huge media push to silence the “religious extremists” these days. We don’t speak of the “Choice Solution” in it’s “pretty” little euphemisms. We call it what it is. Murder.

That, my friends, is what they can’t stand. Any more than that grain of truth to make the lie sound believable, and they get uncomfortable. They don’t want to know – and they’re mad at us for dragging it all out into the light of day, instead of the comfortable euphemistic corner they’d buried it in.

My heart bleeds for their comfort zone – really.

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