Welcome Vincent Cheung to the Aggregator!

This guy really knows his stuff.

I’ve also asked two more members of the Apologetics Resource Center to join as well. Hopefully, they’ll both say yes 😀

Incidentally – click the link to your left, underneath the aggregator links, that says “other apologists”. If you’re listed there, i want you to join too.

Also note that I have updated the aggregator links on Vox Apologia to match, and did some minor link update maintenance as well.

I don’t have a Vox Apologia Symposium topic – nor have we had many entries at all the past few weeks (prior to my suspension of it). I had my daughter the past two weeks, so I really didn’t have time for it, to be honest. I’m still looking for some frequent contributors for a REAL “daily cut” style apologetics roundup as well, over at Vox. As in, you help roundup posts. I just don’t have the time, kids. I’m really just looking for some help with that group blog.. that’s basically just been a second personal blog for me. As you can see, i rarely have time to even keep this blog updated. So, a second one just isn’t working well.

Who’s up for it?

Anyway. Hope you had a nice Father’s Day. I was “lucky” enough to have to take my daughter back home the day before Father’s day, for various scheduling reasons. Consider yourself blessed if you have your kids with you. The alternative is not very palatable – nor does a phone call really substitute. (Although I thank her mother for being considerate and ensuring I got to talk to her today)

So… that’s about it. Oh, my birthday is coming up. I’ll be 27 years old. Yay for me.