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Update: 11:55a

Dennis is approximately 50 miles off of Pensacola, FL, with sustained winds of 140mph, moving NW at 18-20mph. Hurricane-force winds will be felt in approximately an hour from right now – 12p CST.

Destin, FL will catch a double portion of the northeastern quadrant, which spawns most of the tornadoes, and carries the heaviest rains.

It’s not looking pretty. We’re looking at a category 4 hurricane plowing directly through Pensacola, FL – where our church helped with cleanup and debris removal only 10 months ago, following Hurricane Ivan. I’ll be praying for you all – and I’ll be back to help again.

Godspeed, and may His protection rest upon you and yours.

Please, feel free to leave any comments or questions, and I’ll do my best to get the info out ot you.

I haven’t seen more than a couple Gulf Coast bloggers writing on this – so I’d be happy to be a point of contact, if necessary. I’ll be here all day.

Bloggers writing about Dennis: – it passed them by, but they got wet… (pics)

meeyotch – made it out safe, has evacuation pics.

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Hurricane! – Hurricane news and information.

Mark’s Forum – giving Hurricane warnings.

Pensacola Beach Blog ruminates on “Local Confusion”, this morning at 8:30 or so. They signed off at 11:10. Hope they’re ok, and stay that way.

Watching The Weather Channel at the moment, surfing some news sites. See if I can find anything interesting.

Wind’s picking up a small bit, and it’s spitting rain – that’s about it. It’s something else entirely there – I know.

We’ll be praying for you, Floridians, Alabamans. I know you covet them, and need them.

I’ll have updates in this post later on.