Update – 5:52a:

Mississippi Gulf Coast

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Yar for technology.

Update – 4:58a:

Dennis remains at 145 mph, and is still projected to hit near Mobile AL. (I still maintain it will hit at Pascagoula, turning slightly westward as it begins to hit the shore.)

Leading edges of the storm are still hitting the Florida panhandle – no severe weather in Alabama or Mississippi as yet. It’ll come, though. It’s just a matter of waiting, now.

Starting to get a bit of rain here on the typical smaller westward front, as well as a bit of wind, about 10 mph. Nothing to write home about. Or from home about, in this case. Will give occasional updates, as I find something noteworthy. I may just play some video games and relax. Can’t tell you how long it’s been since I played Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries. Bad gamer. Bad.

(And no, Bethany… haven’t been to sleep. Sorry. This is too interesting.)

932 mb, N/NW @ 15mph.

Update – 2:41a:

Dennis is at 145 mph, and is still projected to hit on Sunday afternoon. The Weather Channel is saying Mobile, still, but I still say Pascagoula.

934 mb, N/NW @ 14mph.

Well, watching the storm’s progress – if it continues on a straight line track, it’s going to head directly at Pascagoula, Mississippi, which is ~55 miles east of us, in Diamondhead, seen on the map below.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

During Hurricane Ivan, I predicted that it would hit Mobile – I was right.

I’m predicting between Pascagoula and Gulfport MS, this time – which would be in the Gautier/D’lberville area. Unfortunately. If it hits Gulfport, it’s only ~30 miles east of us.

So, this could be fun. On a straight line track, using the current maps, it looks to be hitting Pascagoula. I doubt, however, that it will veer back east. If it moves from the current track, it will hit closer to us, most likely. Here’s a graphic showing what I mean.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

That red square is where it’ll hit, if it stays on the straight-line course.

Now, for it to hit us directly, well… it would have to veer about 50 miles west from projected.

Which would look like so.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

Hard to know. In any case, it’s already back up to category 4 – and they say it may even GAIN strength. So, this may be as bad as Ivan, and even closer to us. I hope it doesn’t hit Mobile again, as bad as it may seem. They still don’t have Gulf Shores and Mobile back together completely from Ivan.

More as I get developments and as I still have power and internet. Don’t worry about me being safe – house is boarded up, and it’s a very solid structure. Just keeping you updated. As I still have internet, I’ll keep updated, as I can – and get back to you afterwards, with some info on what happened where.

So, yeah. There you go. The Weather Channel may be the megalith – but hey, bloggers are on-the-spot too.


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