I’ve posted about Subjectivism before. I’m happy with the post, but it didn’t cover all of the aspects of Subjectivism that I wanted to cover, and I’ve had an epiphany of sorts.

If: Subjectivism is the belief that the individual conscience determines the morality of the decision;
Then: The individual conscience is determined to be more important, or more valid, than objective moral truth, or its standards.

Contrasted with:

If: The Biblical Account is true;
Then: God’s Word is Objective Truth.

So, we have two antithetical statements.

If:God’s Word is Objective Truth,
Then: Jesus Christ is Objective Truth, per John 1:1.

If: Jesus Christ is Objective Truth;
Then: God the Father is Objective Truth, as Jesus stated that His Father who sent Him was true.

If: Father and Son are Truth;
Then: the Spirit will also be truth, as is shown in John 14:17

Thus; God, in all three Persons, is True.

If: Moral Wrong is called Sin by God
Then: God is telling the truth.

If: Sin is deliberate disobedience to the known will of God;
Then: Sin is morally wrong, as it violates the standards God has set forth.

(Which are dictated by God’s nature, not arbitrarily created. God is not subject to these standards – His very self is implicit in these standards.)

If: Violation of these standards is objectively sinful;
Then: Violation of these standards is a transgression not just of standards, but of God’s very self.

If: The act of violation stems from a personal choice;
Then: The act of violation is an act of subjective moral choice

If: The act is a subjective moral choice;
Then: The individual is, in essence, saying that their individual moral choice is of more importance, or more valid, than God’s very self.

If: Subjectivism is the act of proclaiming one’s own choice as more important, or more valid, than God’s very self


If: Pride is an excessively high opinion of oneself;

Then: Subjectivism is Pride

If: Pride is the beginning of all sin (Vulgate, non-Protestant Apocryphal book)
Then: Subjectivism is the beginning of all sin.

If: Subjectivism is the beginning of all sin;
Then: since Money is the root of all evil, Subjectivism is the root of all evil.

Thus; Subjectivism is the Root of all Evil.

Slightly tongue-in-cheek… but, really. To be more serious – Subjectivism is simply Pride. It is a Pride in one’s own decisions, that supercedes your respect for Objective Truth – thus, God.

It’s inherently sinful. As we broke down what sin is – it is thus inherently morally wrong to follow a so-called system of Subjective Morality.