This one deserves it’s own post.

At “NoGodBlog,”Dave, of American Atheists, says:

Our thoughts and support are extended out to the families and friends who lost someone today in the name of a god. This is primitive and barbaric behavior.

The number of people who have died in the name of a deity is unimaginable. I look forward to watching the human race as it evolves out of the need for religion.

Now, that is just the usual atheist vitriol, of course. Until you look closer. It is a post about the 7/7 attacks on London.

Jihadist terrorists are equated with all believers in God – and the ubiquitous “killings in the name of a god” is brought up.

Even terrorist attacks are just fodder for advancing their rhetoric, and their agenda.

It is not a direct connection within the posts – but he makes it crystal clear in the comments.

You may learn a lot, including the remarkable and predictable similarities between Islam and Christianity.

Indeed, you’re exactly the same — religions filled with a broad spectrum of followers, all looking at the same book but finding different passages which justify their actions.

How difficult would it be for you to justify mass murder with the Bible?

And later…

As an aside, I’ve been chided for saying that Atheism is perfect, but this is the perfect time to defend that assertion. EVERY religion has problems like this because EVERY religion is open to interpretation. You can defend love, hate, terrorism, slavery, incest, hard work, and murder using the “perfect word of god”, which is darn imperfect if you ask me.

Here’s the link.

Congratulations, NoGodBlog – you’ve won the “Scornful Skeptic” award – for posting one of the most calculated attempts to use a tragedy for ideological “point scoring” that I’ve ever seen.

That made me sick.

Kudos to Steve Hanson and Tim in the comments section, for doing their best to stand for Christ in the face of such an appalling statement.

I’m looking for a graphic, to “award” to these blogs. If anyone has an idea, or a graphic to offer – let me know. I’ll credit you.