Cut-Rate Thesaurus:

Team-Swap, (God love em) is the winner of the first award for this post.

A couple samples:

a Afro Africian American

That would be “an Afro-American”, or “African-American” – not both 😀

the roles of Black’s in the Confederacy

The apostrophe is used to denote a possessive – not to denote a plural. In that case, it would be “Blacks”. However, using “Blacks” after using the PC “African-Americans” seems inconsistent, if you ask me!

Civil war

Both words are usually capitalized.

(It happened twice.)

acceptance that the site of the Confederate battle flag

Sight, not site 😀

Several of the sentences would also be borderline (if not actual) run-on sentences, or have commas incorrectly placed. Those are relatively minor, though.

Just so you know – I still love ya 😀 (Don’t get mad at me? lol)

Scornful Skeptics Award:

This week’s award goes to The Evangelical Atheist. Why? (Content Warning) Just check out the title to this post.

Yeah. Plus, he signs all of his posts ~ I AM ~. He wins.

Are You Tongue Tied?

(Mild Content Warning)

Ales Rarus, A Form of Sound Words (I wonder if he’ll be upset to be mentioned in the same post as a “Romanist“?), Joe Missionary, Messy Christian and Jeff the Baptist have all dicussed swear words. Much different from The Evangelical Atheist’s discussion. Which is retarded.

Our friends above, however – are not. The discussion is interesting.

Update: 6:55p

Found this while my girlfriend was flipping through a photoblog.

Slick Willie is wearing a Kabbalah wristband
. Guess he’s trying to impress Madonna. Well, it could have been “Kabbalah water“, I suppose.