Wind’s about the same – clouds are circulating at a good clip, still with scattered showers.

Just found out that the side screen door wasn’t fastened, on the inside. Fixed 😀

Time to fill up the water bottles.

Yeah, I’m going to do some graphics.


Still merely breezy. Occasional rain squalls, but short duration, and low intensity.

Small crowd on IRC, chatting.

Grabbing something to eat, and then I’ll do some graphics.



Just talked to a Sherrif’s deputy. I’m riding this one out. Someone else who reads this is likely to do so as well. They don’t have any volunteer cleanup operations planned as yet – but he told me to show up at the Lorraine Rd. station (on your left hand side, just south of I-10), if you want to help – TOMORROW NIGHT. NOT NOW, NOT UNTIL THE STORM BLOWS OVER. I’m not telling anyone to stay now, nor do I suggest it. If you want to help tomorrow, though, I’ll see you there, at some point tomorrow. After I check in with Bethany, of course!


I have a chat channel set up, on dalnet’s IRC network. Load up your IRC client (or, use trillian’s built-in IRC client), find a server on Dalnet, and join channel #katrina.

Stop by and talk.

I’ll be there until I lose power or connection. Either/or!

Alternatively, stop by my main site, and message me on any of my chat programs. Via trillian, I’m on MSN, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo. My online status for any of the above can be seen (and I can be contacted through those, as well) on the top right.

Talk to you soon.


Checking in from Gulfport, Mississippi, about 7 miles north of the beach.

Katrina is bearing down on the New Orleans area, and will slam into that city with some seriously devastating winds. I’m riding it out, and liveblogging what I can through the night and early morning, as power/connection allows.

This post will be updated, as long as it’s still Sunday.