4:39 AM

These winds are gusting up to 55-60 mph, looks like. Power has flickered twice, and I’m losing my internet, off and on. I’m going to take a nap, with the phone next to my ear. (Ok, Bethany?)

My eyes are incredibly heavy. Tons of rain, tons of wind, and sorta noisy. I doubt I’ll sleep long, but I’ve been known to sleep through some crazy things.

Should hit in a few hours. Naptime, before it gets here.

3:49 AM

Ok, I spoke too soon – as soon as I posted the preceding, the wind and rain both picked up, and decided to jump up to about 3x what they were.

Internet got really spotty right after, so I’m speedtyping this. The big old trees are whipping around like they’re possessed, and the rain is coming down in discrete, ragged sheets, instead of the steady drizzle it’s been giving us all night.

Plenty of time left before this even gets close, unfortunately. I’ll keep blogging as long as I can.

3:24 AM

This isn’t going to be a Camille – but it’s going to suck.

I’m 8 miles north of Highway 90, in Gulfport – winds are picking up, and rain is getting harder. I lost internet for a few hours, but it’s back up. Quick blog, so you know what’s going on. Hancock county is getting tornadoes, Gulfport is starting to get nailed, now – it’s windy, although not hurricane force yet.

I’m here. I’m ok. I will be ok. I may not be around, internet-wise, but I’ll be here come morning. It’s going to be a wild ride – but I don’t pity Waveland/BSL/Diamondhead. They’re going to get NAILED.

Like I said – winds picking up, rain picking up, tornado warnings all over. Not here, but a lot of other places. Getting a bit noisy – may go out to check soon, in rain gear. (I’ll be careful.)

Be back in a bit, should internet connection permit!