What is Atheism“, by “Goosing the Antithesis“, an atheistic blog.

So atheism is a peculiar position for an evangelist in that you don’t necessarily have any answers to give. Many atheists don’t have any answers and aren’t as efficient at evangelizing because they don’t provide a safe space for the Christian to look at and feel comfortable with before jumping away from religious indoctrination. This is not great. Ideally, there should be a safe space there, one made of the bonds of friendship, family and love, the power of science, the control and responsability brought about by individualism, the beauty of life and nature, and so on.

Basically, the main thrust of any individualist, rational evangelizing is to liberate the individual’s life and values from their self-imposed belief systems, so that everyone can live at peace with each other and believe whatever they want in their own private lives. That is the ultimate goal.

Note: “Liberate” them from self-imposed beliefs – so they can believe whatever they want.

Say what?

Interesting post, but a prime example of what atheism does not provide – answers. They want to replace something with… nothing. Or, they want you to believe whatever you want – as long as it wasn’t what you believed in the first place. Odd attitude.


Infidel in Exile is on to us! Francis Schaeffer: A key Figure for the Dark Side

An interesting look at my favorite thinker, from someone opposed to what he thinks. I find it highly fascinating.

But in many years of debating with Christians on numerous Christian and atheist websites, blogs, and forums, no one has ever thrown even a single Francis Schaeffer argument or citation at me. Not until I visited evangelical websites and blogs did I come to appreciate his importance for the Dark Side.

Schaeffer’s own work was highly focused on living his philosophy, and he lived in faraway Europe. Craig, Boyd, Koukl, etc, live in the US, and seem to be engaged in building and running small apologetic empires rather than in serious intellectual engagement with the world Out There, as Schaeffer was. That may also have something to do with it.

Very interesting take.