Alright, folks.

Bethany, her family, and I all made it safe. We got stuck for a few days without a way to get out.

Bethany and I are currently in Bessamer, AL – and we JUST missed my parents, who left this morning. Frustrating, but hey.

What can you do?

We’re safe, sound – a bit travelworn, but ok.

Mom & Dad – the house is ok – the Malibu got a smallish limb in the windshield, but there is NO other damage, save a *very* few shingles.

Steve and Crystal – your house is ok, but there IS a tree on your house. It’s not bad, but we’re going to have to cut it off when you get back, if you aren’t there already. We’re buying a chainsaw while we’re up here, hopefully.

Grandpa and Grandma – your house is completely fine.

Bethany’s house had minor damage, but is still good to go.

All of bethany’s family is perfectly fine. I have some stories to tell, believe you me.

Written from a hotel computer in the lobby 😀

It’s pretty wil down there. NO power, NO phones, NO water, NO gas – but gas is *sometimes* available. Good luck finding it, though.

If you guys are thinking about going back – don’t, unless you don’t have a choice. If you do – bring supplies with you – LOTS of supplies. Okay?

Love you all!

~ Josh & Bethany

P.S. – I’ll work on stories after a shower and something to eat.